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Introducing The IGL

In the famous words of Tiger Woods, "Hello World."

I'd like to introduce to the world to The Indoor Golf League or IGL. The first of a kind National Organized League for the sport of Indoor Golf.

We believe that Indoor Golf is a sport uniquely its own, and is deserving of recognition as an independent sport, not just a way to practice when Outdoor Golf isn't available. Our way of bringing viability and organization to the sport is by creating an organized league with structure, vision and a governing body, much like the NFL in 1920, the NBA in 1946 and more recently the UFC in 1993. These leagues have become multi-billion dollar franchises with worldwide footprints and 100's of millions of fans and to think, at one point, they didn't exist. They have systems, rules and processes in place. Our goal is to do the same for Indoor Golf.

The amazing thing about Indoor Golf, the thing that is unique among all sports is that it is a crossover between E-sports and the physical world. It is not just for the young, it is for all ages and skill levels and can be played anytime, anywhere, rain or shine.

We have entered the dawn of a new age of Golf, an age where it is no longer an outdoor sport, only accessible by those with many hours of free time to spare, but it is a competitive anytime sport. It mixes the Digital and technological advances of E-Sports, with the physical and mental aspects of outdoor golf.

Just as on outdoor courses - where each course is unique and you must play the course while playing yourself and the competition, each simulator is unique and you must play the simulator, as well as the course, yourself and the competition.

In the future, it is not hard to see a world where indoor facilities match or outnumber outdoor facilities and the number of rounds played inside, match or outnumber the number of rounds played outside.

That is why the time has come to officially identify Indoor Golf as its own sport, with its own league, it's own standards and rules.

The Mission of the Indoor Golf League (IGL) is to support and grow the game of Indoor Golf through accessibility, education and organization.

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